Please Read Before Posting An Application.

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Please Read Before Posting An Application.

Post by Jsnbrown1989 » Sat Jul 01, 2017 2:43 am

Being a staff member is more than having a position of power or of leadership, but rather it is a family, a team member, and a position of great influence. Single-handedly, a new staff member can make or break a server. Staff members can sometimes deal with difficult situations, hard choices and angry people. Other times, it can be the most rewarding thing to do as you guide a new player on how to get started or prevent a bully from taking advantage of someone else. 

If you think you are capable to handle being a staff member, let us know by filling out the text below and pasting it into a new topic. Please, please note.. You very well may be turned down. Do not get dishearten by this. Keep working to prove your worth and in time, reapply. There is nothing wrong with failure as long as you pick yourself back up and run for it again.

Fill out the below text and paste it into a new topic.

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Favorite Hobby:
What position would you like to apply for?
(Available choices are: Moderator, Wiki Editor, Discord Staff)
Why do you feel like you are ready to be a staff member?