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Bumping a topic without meaningful discussion should be limited to once every 7 days.
Don't make a general post where you ask to be an town owner or staff If you want to be one, make an application on the for the town where you want to be one.
If you make a post about your town, don't give it a generic name like 'new town' or 'Pixelmon town'. We'll ask you to change it or remove it entirely.
Don't attempt to hire any town builders here. Use the Looking for Builders forum instead.
Don't use caps lock. The only attention it'll get you is that of the forum moderators.
Don't make more than one post about the same town. Players will join, so don't advertise it on a lot of posts.
If you want your topic removed, put 'remove this topic' in your title so we can see.
No advertising on other town listings.
No advertising 3rd party services.
Stick to the rules, and have fun playing!
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